Do blueberries deserve to be called a superfood?


Are blueberries a superfood or now no longer?

Blueberries are getting an increasing number of popular – masses of humans purchase them withinside the supermarket. Part of the cause for this is they’re regularly advertised as being a ‘superfood’. We’ve written about the fitness blessings of blueberries earlier than due to the fact they include plenty of nutrition C and antioxidants. But are they genuinely extra wholesome for you than different forms of fruit?

They’re in reality tasty, that’s for sure, however are they a superfood?


Roy van der Ploeg, who works for the Netherlands Nutrition Centre, explains what the deal is with blueberries: “Blueberries are wholesome. It’s an top notch sort of fruit, however now no longer one that’s more healthy or has higher traits than some other sort of fruit.” He confirms that the berries include plenty of nutrition C, however he additionally says that the identical is proper for different forms of fruit. Bananas, for example, include much less nutrition C than blueberries, however they do include extra potassium and protein.


A declare that’s regularly made is that blueberries can save you sicknesses like diabetes and cardiovascular issues. You should even save you most cancers with it, in line with some. This isn’t absolutely proper, says Van der Ploeg. Sure, blueberries make contributions to a wholesome frame and may decrease the hazard of positive sicknesses. But, he says, that is proper for fruit in general, now no longer only for blueberries.


Blueberries aren’t more healthy or higher for you than different forms of fruit, however they’re in reality now no longer bad either. What’s vital is to differ withinside the forms of fruit you consume. Roel Vonk, a professor in nutrients explains that blueberries are wealthy in flavonoids. This is a collection of vitamins which have all varieties of nice consequences at the frame. But blueberries aren’t the best sort of meals that consists of those flavonoids. There are lots of different forms of fruit and veggies that include them as well.

Comparing apples and oranges

So, it’s satisfactory in case you need to consume a handful of blueberries for the reason that they’re in reality wholesome. The risk lies in humans now no longer consuming different fruit due to the fact they assume the ones culmination are much less wholesome. Adding multiple blueberries in your yoghurt withinside the morning is great, however move for a banana, apple, peach or every other sort of fruit withinside the afternoon. That way, you could make sure that you get sufficient distinctive forms of nutrients and minerals. The endorsed quantity of fruit to consume on a every day foundation is portions of fruit. One small bowl of berries is similar to one piece of fruit.

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