Do you always throw out potato peels? Don’t: you can make something delicious with it

potato peels

You can flip potato peels right into a scrumptious snack very quickly at all

We love potatoes in each form or form. Boiled, mashed, baked, fried: potatoes are so versatile! You can boil, bake or fry them with the peel nonetheless on, however greater frequently than not, we peel our potatoes earlier than making ready them. So, what takes place to the peels? They frequently become withinside the bin. This is a big waste, however, due to the fact you may make some thing actually tasty out of potato peels.

Make the maximum from your potatoes with this recipe.

Potato peels

It would possibly sound a touch extraordinary to apply potato peels as a snack, however in case you reflect onconsideration on it it’s really quite logical! If you’ve ever eaten the ones rustic sort of fries which might be fried with their peel nonetheless on, you know the way best and crispy the peel becomes. The peels are first-class to devour so long as you make certain you nicely easy the potatoes earlier than the usage of them. They do pop out of the ground, of course. So, have we gotten you inquisitive about this potato peel snack? All you want is a frying pan!


  • Potato peels
  • Oil for frying
  • Pepper
  • Salt


  • Thoroughly rinse the potato peels beneathneath walking water withinside the sink and depart them to soak withinside the water for a touch while.
  • Dab them dry the usage of a tea towel.
  • Slice them into strips.
  • Heat up a layer of oil in a frying pan or activate the deep fryer at 180 °C.
  • Fry the strips for approximately mins or till they’ve long gone golden brown and crispy.
  • Put out a few paper towels and region the peels on them to empty them of any extra oil.
  • Sprinkle them with a few salt and pepper and experience your snack!

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