Why you should always rinse bacon strips in water before cooking

bacon strips

This way, your bacon strips will pop out a great deal tastier

Most human beings chuck their bacon strips into an ungreased pan with out considering it. It’s great clean due to the fact the beef has grease sufficient of itself to bake it in. Turns out we’ve all been doing it incorrect all this time! Apparently, your bacon will pop out a great deal tastier in case you rinse it beneathneath water earlier than cooking it.

This amazed us too.


Once in a while, you stumble upon some thing that sounds so unusual which you assume you may as properly deliver it the advantage of the doubt. This is one of these things. Rinsing bacon beneathneath water earlier than cooking it sounds actually weird, however a number of cooks swear with the aid of using it. We discern it likely won’t destroy your scrumptious bacon, so why now no longer deliver it a try? Apparently, in case you do this, your bacon will decrease plenty much less.


This trick could be very simple. Instead of putting the bacon strips withinside the frying pan proper away, you in short rinse it beneathneath walking water. Then, fry the bacon like constantly and it’ll pop out a great deal crispier than it usually would. Another first-rate advantage: the strips decrease an entire lot much less whilst you rinse them beneathneath water first.

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